one year with honda wave 125

I had a year together honda wave 125, but the motor is still not equipped with injection systems and what I feel is

1. this bike is quite economical for fuel, with driving style 60-70 kph
factor due to congestion on the highway.
2. machines proved to be very durable as long as I use the machine vote remains very smooth voice, although already covered 15,000 kilometers history
3 treatment is very easy to do by just changing the oil every 2000 km with viscosity sae 20-50 oil (in this case I tried to change the oil every so often but no complaints that I felt for my machine)
4. top speed that I get is around 115 kph
5. for acceleration is quite gentle, but it makes me easy to “handle” and not easily tired
6. machine is not quite fast heat so it is far from possible overheating
7. to cover the motor is loose rather quickly (maybe not all like mine)
8. to sprocket gear was quickly loosened this may be because it is used size 14-35 so that the workload is very heavy
9. I just completely replace the rear brake lining
10. all this is my experience using honda wave 125 in
11. each of the top speed of each transmission is
The first 30 kph
The second 70 kph
The third 100 kph
The fourth 115 kph
production in Indonesia. whose name is new honda supra x 125

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6 responses to “one year with honda wave 125

  1. Hourex150L October 5, 2011 at 3:09 pm

    be the firsh #bener pora nulise#

  2. Amin Nurdin October 10, 2011 at 2:41 pm

    Kok Supra saya beda? Saya versi injeksi sama tahun 2010.
    1 -> 55 kmpj
    2 -> 90 kmpj
    3 -> 110 kmpj
    4 -> 125 kmpj

    ajaib, kalau gak percaya, silahkan pinjam temen asalkan rantai dalam kondisi kencang & oli baru ganti. jangan takut!

  3. ipanase October 17, 2011 at 4:19 am

    wedyan, topspedd 200 km/jam

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